SUITS 2.13 ‘Zane vs. Zane’

When Rachel's father goes after Pearson Hardman, Harvey makes it a family feud.

Hilary Rothingby Hilary Rothing

Episode Title: "Zane vs. Zane"

Writer: Rick Muirragui

Director: Nicole Kassell

Previously on "Suits:"

Episode 2.12 "Blood in the Water"


With all the high-level theatrics going on at Pearson Hardman these days, this Rachel-centric episode was a pleasant reprieve. But "Zane vs. Zane," still beat the drum in the "Harvey vs. Louis" saga and yet another outsider attempted to take a shot at their vulnerable firm.

If you’ve been wondering why Rachel’s (Meghan Markle) been slow-rolling it since acing her LSAT, we now have the answer. Turns out her father is Robert Zane (Hey, it’s "Bunk Moreland" from "The Wire," Wendell Pierce), a tough-as-nails Harvard educated litigator who apparently is an equally demanding dad. Zane doesn’t see his daughter following in his footsteps, despite her pedigree and he decided her birthday lunch was a good time to remind her of this.

Spurned by her father’s lack of support, Rachel decided to make it personal when Harvey (Gabriel Macht) was forced to renegotiate a gender discrimination lawsuit that Zane was now handling. Harvey had Rachel sit in on the deposition of his client, in hopes of rattling Zane, but it was Rachel who left shaken. Zane went after Harvey’s client like a rabid pit bull, calling her "pathetic" and "a failure," and Rachel couldn't help but think her father was talking about her.

But Zane’s got it all wrong about his paralegal daughter. She’s got the brains to be a big-league lawyer, but it’s her heart that keeps getting in the way. Things were finally starting to get slightly less awkward between Rachel and Mike (Patrick J. Adams) when she accused him of trying to protect her from Zane during the deposition by abruptly ending it. The truth is, it had nothing to do with her and everything to do with Harvey’s client, who Zane nearly bullied into taking a reduced settlement.

But if there’s one thing we know about "Suits," it’s never personal – until it is. Once Harvey recruited a willing Rachel to the cause, Zane took it to heart. With the firm still trying to rebuild after the fallout from Hardman’s departure, Zane tried to bully Jessica (Gina Torres) into settling for a cheap win. Instead, she decided to launch a class-action suit on behalf of all the women Zane’s client passed over for promotions.

The end result is the inevitable showdown with Daniel Hardman, after Zane opted to farm out the case to Harvey and Jessica’s worst enemy. In the meantime, Rachel made nice with her father, letting him know about her LSAT score and her fear of never measuring up to his expectations. For all his faults, Zane cares about his daughter, so much so that he can’t stand to see her disappointed in herself. However, not getting a part in the school play isn’t quite the same as giving up on one’s career aspirations.

While Harvey and Jessica fought off Zane and his discount settlement, Louis (Rick Hoffman) was still sore about not getting to hire a fifth-year associate and decided to take it out on Harvey’s. However, it looks like Louis met his match in Katrina (Amanda Schull), who managed to get him arrested at the courthouse for carrying a deadly weapon in the form a pair of two thousand dollar gold-plated nail scissors. It was great watching Louis and Katrina attempt to outwit each other with high school-level legal pranks. But now that he’s settled his beef with Harvey (for the time being) and is starting to get back on his and Donna’s good graces, as evidenced by the mug shot wallpapered across his office, maybe we’ll see Louis roll up his sleeves and get a little dirty in the firm’s upcoming battle with Hardman. If anyone deserves to a crack at the old boss, it’s Louis.

"Zane vs. Zane" broke some interesting new ground with Rachel and was full of the usual mix of wit and smack talk we’ve come to expect from "Suits." Getting to know Louis’ new frenemy, Katrina was time well spent and hopefully, we haven’t seen the last of Rachel’s father. And now we have the return of Daniel Hardman to look forward, an occasion which should see everyone reach deliciously nasty new lows, even for lawyers.