Showtime Is Not Going Forward With ‘Chew’

The smash comic book series by John Layman and Rob Guillory hits a roadblock on its way to television.

Blair Marnellby Blair Marnell

Almost two years ago, it was announced that Showtime was developing John Layman and Rob Guillory’s comic book series, “Chew” for television with "Eureka" writers Terri Hughes Burton and Ron Milbauer handling the script and Stephen Hopkins (“24”) attached to executive produce the project and direct the pilot.

However, it appears that Showtime has passed on “Chew” before the project even made it to the pilot stage.

Earlier today on Twitter (via Comic Book Resources), Layman left a succinct message: “There will not be a CHEW TV series on Showtime.”

Originally published in 2009 by Image Comics, “Chew” follows the bizarre adventures of Tony Chu, a special agent who has to the ability to get a psychic flash of information from anything that he eats. For example, when Tony tastes the flesh of a murderer, he can learn the identities of his victims and where their bodies are located.

At the time of the original announcement, Showtime indicated that it envisioned “Chew” as a half hour TV series that could potentially be paired with the premium network’s comedy block. The deal to bring “Chew” to Showtime was made by Circle of Confusion; which also brought “The Walking Dead” to AMC.

It’s unclear where the TV adaptation of “Chew” stands now that Showtime is out of the picture. Given the success of the comic book series, there’s a good chance it can still find a home on cable. But the content would probably still be too extreme for the broadcast networks.

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