BANSHEE 1.04 ‘Half Deaf Is Better Than All Dead’

Sheriff Hood goes after Kai Proctor while Carrie burns for her old flame.

Hilary Rothingby Hilary Rothing

Episode Title: "Half Deaf Is Better Than All Dead"

Writers: Jonathan Tropper and David Schickler

Director: Greg Yaitanes

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Episode 1.03 "Meet the New Boss"


In case you forgot, this week's episode of "Banshee" opened with a little reminder that this is a Cinemax show we're watching. But despite allowances for gratuitous sex, Carrie (Ivana Milicevic) wasn't into it. That's because she's hung up on the new (old) guy in town, Sheriff Lucas Hood (Antony Starr).

Thing is, Carrie's got it all in her new life, an attentive husband and an appropriately obnoxious teenage daughter, and yet she can't stop thinking about her former love, to the point where she calls him while he's in the middle of a heist, to talk about it.

In one of the most entertaining scenes of the series to date, Lucas uses call waiting to juggle a relationship therapy session with Carrie and a last minute getaway tech support call with Job (Hoon Lee) when he gets "boxed," or trapped, while attempting to steal a painting from a local art museum.

The failed heist allowed us to spend more time with Job, who helped Lucas escape while fending off redneck bigots at a late night diner by bashing one over the head with a dinner plate. Job is one of the best things about this show and the more we see of him, the better. But this exchange also gave us a window into Carrie's feelings for Lucas. Even though she called with the intention of telling her ex and partner in crime to get lost, she wound up rescuing him from a robbery gone wrong.

And again, in case you forgot this is Cinemax and Carrie is still in love with Lucas, thus the bathtub masturbation scene. Carrie does care for her husband, Gordon (Rus Blackwell), but Lucas has her heart. It's only a matter of time before anyone who's paying even the least bit attention starts to see what's going on between these two.

And you just know it's going to be Kai Proctor (Ben Cross). In this hour, Lucas really took it to the town kingpin, charging him with murder while letting the Moody brothers go after they attempted to run the sheriff off the road.

What's interesting about "Banshee" is how our newly minted fake sheriff choses to interpret the law. As far as Sheriff Lucas Hood is concerned, there's no such thing as "excessive force," especially when you're dealing with redneck vigilantes like the Moody brothers. But it's only a matter of time before Hood's department and the Banshee community at large begin to question the sheriff's tactics. Or maybe not, seeing as everyone's ready to see Kai Proctor finally get what's coming to him.

Sheriff Hood is serious about taking down Kai Proctor. But he's also still very much involved in the heist game. Why the newly minted sheriff resorting back to his old ways, we're not sure. At least in this episode, it provided an excuse for Carrie to come to his rescue. And now Sugar wants to get in on the action. No problem there, as Lucas told Carrie, "he's one of us," For whatever that's worth.

"Half Deaf Is Better Than All Dead" gave us a few good leads as to where "Banshee" is headed. Carrie can't keep up the nuclear family charade much longer if she continues to sneak off in the middle of the night to bail her ex-boyfriend out of botched museum heists and Lucas is tipping his hand with every perp he smashes into a wall as his underlings look on in astonishment at the sheriff's total disregard for police protocol. Right now, "Banshee" feels like a directionless midnight joyride and I can't wait to see where it goes next.