Top 10 Best & Worst Super Bowl 2013 Commercials

We share our ad picks from Super Bowl XLVII!

Blair Marnellby Blair Marnell

For the first half of Super Bowl XLVII, it looked like the Ravens were going to win in a blowout before the 49ers charged back and made it a game.

In the same way, there were a few ads that we so amazingly terrible it seemed to drag down one of our favorite Super Bowl experiences. Fortunately, there were a few commercials that lived up to the high expectations for Super Bowl ads. And more than a few that didn’t.

Here our picks for this year’s best and worst Super Bowl commercials.


The Best Super Bowl Ads of 2013


Hyundai: "Team"

Hyundai had a great year for ads, but this one was our favorite. A kid assembles a team of his superheroic friends to take down the local bullies in tackle football.

Hyundai: "Stuck"

Another winner for Hyundai. The truck with the hazardous materials was a particularly hilarious visual.

Milk: "Morning Run"

Dwayne Johnson aka The Rock resists jumping into several action movie scenarios in his quest to get his daughter some milk with her breakfast. The annoyed look he gives the bank robbers is priceless.

Bud Light: "Journey" & "Lucky Chair"

Bud Light struck gold with two extended commercials about football fans trying to get a supernatural boost for their favorite teams.


Allstate: "Apple"

This may be the only car insurance ad to provide intentional laughs this year.

Wheat Thins: "Night Vision"

I don't know many people who eat Wheat Thins. But this was pretty hilarious.

Best Buy: "Asking Amy"

If we're being honest, this isn't a great Best But ad. But it's a great showcase for Amy Poehler, the star of NBC's "Parks and Recreation." Which probably didn't make CBS very happy.

Kia: "Space Babies"

Sure, the dad's story about the origins of babies is all made up. But the imagery gets a little closer to the truth than he would like.

Tide: "Miracle Stain"

A 49ers fan hits the jackpot when his jersey stain looks just like Joe Montana. But he isn't the only football fan in the family…



The Worst Super Bowl Ads of 2013


GoDaddy: "Perfect Match"

GoDaddy has earned a reputation for having the most classless and unwatchable Super Bowl ads among all companies. And they lived up to their lack of standards once again this year.

Calvin Klein: "Concept"

And this the opposite number of all of the GoDaddy commercials. Hey Calvin Klein, nobody gives a s*** about your "underwear technology."

Wonderful Pistachios: "Get Crackin"

Here it is America, the exact moment that Gangnam Style and Psy became irrelevant.

Doritos: "Fashionista Daddy"



Budweiser: "Coronation"

Boring and unoriginal. There are no kings and queens to crowned here.

E*Trade: "Save It"

Somebody retire the E*Trade baby… please?

Beck's Sapphire: "No Diggity"

This is actually not a bad cover of "No Diggty." But what the fish?!

MiO Fit: "Anthem"

I think we need less Tracy Morgan in our lives, not more.

Samsung: "The Next Big Thing"

You may assume that Paul Rudd and Seth Rogan could be hilarious together in an extended
commercial. But this is pretty damn weak.

Dodge Ram: "God Made a Farmer"

Welcome to this year's "Preachy" ad. This felt longer than a Sunday sermon in church.

What were your favorite and least favorite Super Bowl ads this year? Let us know in the comment section below!