First Look: ‘The Wake’ By Scott Snyder & Sean Murphy

Two of our favorite creators are teaming up for a Vertigo series about the origins of humanity. YES.

Andy Hunsakerby Andy Hunsaker

We here at Ye Olden Comics Chanelle of Crave Online are big fans of Scott Snyder (the guy who's currently kickin' it live on Batman and American Vampire and soon will be bringing his talents to Man of Steel) and Sean Murphy (who elicited the highest of praise for his recent Vertigo series Punk Rock Jesus). Therefore, when those two guys team up on a book, we sit up and take notice.

Case in point, MTV revealed the cover of The Wake today, along with a few details of what the project is about. Here's their blurb:

When Marine Biologist Lee Archer is approached by the Department of Homeland Security for help with a new threat, she declines, but quickly realizes they won't take no for an answer. Soon, she is plunging to the depths of the Arctic Circle to a secret, underwater oil rig where they've discovered something miraculous and terrifying…

Writer Scott Snyder and artist Sean Murphy bring their acclaimed talents to this sic-fi epic that explores the horrors of the deep, probes the origins of human history, and leaps far beyond to a frightening future.


This looks fantastic. Why? Because Murphy's PRJ examined what happened when a corporation clones Jesus Christ for a reality show, picking apart the nuts and bolts of our society, and because Snyder's Batman has been building the history of Gotham City very densely. There are no two creators better suited to explore the origin of the species than these guys.

We are stoked for this. Check out the cover here:


The Wake