Return To Cleveland? A Glimpse Into The Genius Of LeBron James

The King has a master plan that leaves both fantasy owners and Cleveland fans crying with joy, at least according to Jame LeBeau.

James LeBeauby James LeBeau

LeBron James is a genius!

Yes, I, who have vilified the man in the past, have glimpsed into the King's master plan and have seen his end game; an end game that includes returning to the Cleveland Cavaliers and winning back the hearts of those still angered with at least one championship.

Before you mock, point and ridicule me, just let me explain the situation to you.

When the Cleveland Cavaliers drafted him No. 1 in the 2003 draft, they unintentionally put themselves in a position where they wouldn't be able to build a supporting cast that would anchor them for years to come. Instead, they were forced to work through free agency and ended up whiffing on players, thus creating a situation where it was just LeBron James and a bunch of basic nobodies.

Seeing this predicament, James hatched his scheme with Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh to merge together at Miami and get the ring monkey off his back. Meanwhile, why James was getting his bling on with the Heat, the Cavaliers would have the albatross of championship expectations off their back and be able to build up a young core similar in fashion to the Oklahoma City Thunder.

In comes Kyrie Irving, easily the brightest young star in the game and soon to be best point guard on the planet. In comes Tristan Thompson, Dion Waiters and even Tyler Zeller, all guys who have shown the ability to at least be a solid contributor on a potential championship squad. But most importantly, in comes financial flexibility plus a plethora of first round picks that are so essential to a young team looking to land a big fish when the waters are right.

Speaking of which, all signs point to 2014 as being that time when the water is perfect for a return of the King.

Next summer, LeBron will have both the option and the incentive to opt out of his current deal with the Miami Heat. He will do this because otherwise he will be faced with a Miami Heat team with absolutely no room to maneuver in getting new players plus a Dwyane Wade who is even older and slower than he is right now.

Now, with James potentially out of Miami, the door is open for him to rejoin the Cavaliers.

In rejoining the Cavs, James has the potential to fix any blights on his career, win Cleveland the championship he promised, and set himself up to be loved and adored by the people who mean the most to him for the rest of his life. Just as importantly, James will be joining a team with an elite point guard, young talent, and the flexibility to add veterans looking to win a ring.

It's as much of a win as you can fit in one situation!

Including from a fantasy sports perspective. Can you imagine how both Irving's and James' numbers would only increase on a team together where neither could be double teamed for fear the other would get an easy basket? Or better yet, how with those two on the floor, how anybody else playing for the Cavs would have the ability to put up solid games?

It's a recipe for fantasy gold as well as reality and it's one that has been carefully orchestrated by the shrewdest mind in basketball today: LeBron James.

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