HAWAII FIVE-0 3.15 ‘Hookman’

There's a bullet with McGarrett's name on it in this excellent remake of an original "5-0" classic.

Hilary Rothingby Hilary Rothing

Episode Title: "Hookman"

Writer: Joe Halpin

Director: Peter Weller

Previously on "Hawaii Five-0"

Episode 3.14 "Hana I Wa'la" ("Scandal")


"Hookman," a remake of the Emmy-Award winning original series episode of the same name, had a lot to live up to. But you know when an episode opens with a Nine Inch Nails song and Peter Weller assembling a sniper rifle, it's going to be good.

This reboot remake paid heavy homage to original by using the same sniper's nest locations as the 1973 "Hookman" while staying true to the modern day "5-0" with some great action scenes and plenty of bromance bickering between McGarrett (Alex O'Loughlin) and Danno (Scott Caan).

When a sniper starts taking out HPD veterans, 5-0 scrambles to uncover his next target, while tracking the killer. Based on targets' connection to a bank heist his father busted, McGarrett realizes that the "Hookman" is Curt Stoner (Peter Weller), a member of the heist team who had his hands blown off by blasting caps, thanks to shots fired by McGarrett's father. Now out on parole and looking for revenge, Stoner begins picking off the officers involved in the bust. And seeing as John McGarrett is dead, Stoner figures his son will do.

Peter Weller is great as the cold blooded cop killer with creepy robotic hands. When a spooked drug dealer Stoner is selling a rifle to asks about his hands, Stoner dismissively tells him he cut himself shaving. Not just a killer, but also a craftsman, Stoner painstakingly engraves the names of his victims on a bullet he leaves at each crime scene. The "Hookman" is definitely one of "5-0's" greatest villains, making it easy to see why the producers decided to resurrect this oldie but goodie. And Weller not only owned the role of "Hookman," but also did a nice job handling directing duties here.

If you like your "5-0" with lots of reckless car chases and "Scarface" style shootouts, this episode was for you (McGarrett even called Danny out on his Tony Montana impression during the final gun fight with the "Hookman" but drug dealer, Dom McKinney’s was much more convincing.)

A few additional observations on "Hookman:"


Since when did Kono become a ballistics expert?

And when is she going to take her workplace flirtation with Fong to the next level? It’s not like he’s going to make the first move, what with her Yakuza boyfriend and all.

Danny and Norm the Gun Store Owner (Hey, E Street Band drummer and late night TV bandleader, Max Weinberg) owner’s gun control debate felt weird and out of place. Especially in an episode that featured two balls-to-the-wall shootouts.

What was that doohickey Fong used involving lasers and hairspray to pinpoint the sniper’s location?

McGarrett must have broken a new record for police procedure infractions, what with using a pocket knife to break open a mailbox store owner's files and opting to "smoke out" the drug dealer rather than wait for SWAT to arrive.


I can't vouch for the 1973 original, but this modern-day remake of "Hookman" did a great job of revisiting and revamping the source material. The original show was a hit for a reason; so is the reboot. And "Hookman" gave us the best of both.