7 TV Dramas Turned Into Sitcoms

Walking Dead, Game of Thrones and Breaking Bad as laugh-out-loud comedies!

Geoffrey Goldenby Geoffrey Golden

Murderers, meth dealers, and incest: the Holy Trinity for comedy writers. If you can’t make the beheading of an honest, innocent man funny, you don’t belong in a sitcom writer’s room – at least, according to the alternate TV universe presented in these mashups. Here are 7 TV dramas turned into sitcoms:


The Walking Dead

Tonight’s Episode: “The Zombarbeque”


Breaking Bad

The most addictive new comedy of the year!



I don’t remember sitcoms in the 80s talking about blowjobs, but here’s video evidence.


Star Trek: The Next Generation

Tsunamis are pretty funny.



…and starring Ed Asner as “The Smoke Monster.”


Law and Order

Murder is a dish best served with canned laughter.


Game of Thrones

It’s a show about nothing (but decapitating horses).


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