Secret Origin of Iron Man?

What's a baby Tony Stark all about? Is this going to be an illegitimate child of his? Or a secret about his dad?

Andy Hunsakerby Andy Hunsaker

Hey, it looks like Greg Land isn't going to be on Iron Man anymore! Yay for Dale Eaglesham!  You might make that book readable, without that insufferable douchey style that polluted it before!

How do I know this? Well, Marvel sent us this teaser poster today.


Iron Man


Sure, there's a baby Tony Stark on the cover, with the words "Secret Origin" and the tagline "What is the secret origin of Tony Stark?" But whatever that might be (are they giving him the Ultimate Comics origin where his body is 98 percent brain tissue, or did he build a suit of armor in the womb out of the placenta, or was his father a space alien from the planet Bleep Blorx?), the real takeaway here is that we get Eaglesham and not Land anymore, which will make it exponentially easier to actually enjoy reading Iron Man.

And everyone wants to enjoy reading Iron Man. Even if it's Iron Man In Space.