‘Futurama’ Season 7.5 Trailer

Get ready for the return of Calculon, the Robot Devil... and Seymour?

Blair Marnellby Blair Marnell

Good news, everyone! New episodes of “Futurama” are only five to six months away! Give or take a few days.

However, Comedy Central is wasting no time promoting the second half of “Futurama” with a three minute trailer packed with clips from a few upcoming episodes. We’ve been able to match a few of the clips to their respective episodes, including:

* Leela's new mutated form from "Leela and the Genestalk"

* The Planet Express ship's fire engine makeover from "The Inhuman Torch"

* The G.I. Joe parody from "Saturday Morning Fun Pit"

* Fry’s ET inspired adventure on Omicron Persei 8 in "T.: The Terrestrial"

* The resurrection of Calculon from “Calculon 2.0"

* The crew’s almost 8-Bit adventure from "2-D Blacktop"

* And presumably a scene from "Murder on the Planet Express;" in which one of the crew is secretly a voracious shape-shifting alien.

It’s less easy to place the clips of the Professor going “Fast and Furious,” the Robot Devil’s reappearance, the return of Fry’s dead dog, Seymour… and the death of Fry?!


“Futurama” returns to Comedy Central this summer.