10 Babies Rocking Out In Cars

Babies can’t get enough metal, hip-hop and indie rock!

Geoffrey Goldenby Geoffrey Golden

Car Seat – Check. Baby – Check. Age Inappropriate Music – Check. Looks like you’re ready to take a baby on a road trip, and what better way to tire the crying little tyke out than some kickass tracks. Forget the Raffi, if kids even still listen to him, and turn up the jams. Here are videos of 10 babies rocking out in cars:


Kid Kudi Baby

Wait for it…


Florence & The Machine Baby

Pretty soon, this baby will attend his first Bonnaroo.


Gangnam Style Baby

That’s not a bad approximation of the horse dance.


A Day To Remember Baby

Skeleton pacifier is a nice touch.


2pac Baby

Where my babies at?


Lady Gaga Baby

My-my-my peek-a-boo face


Metallica Baby

This baby hates Napster so much.


Justin Bieber

Don't let your babies grow up to sing "Baby."


DJ SS Baby

Babies love it when you drop the bass.


Cephalic Carnage Baby

Blai yaaah, you say?


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