First Look: Age of Ultron #7 & Uncanny Avengers #8AU

Captain America with a claw-scarred eyepatch? Is that the Wasp as Captain Marvel? What, now?

Andy Hunsakerby Andy Hunsaker

So we don't know exactly what Brian Michael Bendis is bringing to bear with his Age of Ultron book, which looks entirely like an alternate reality story that he insists it isn't. More likely it'll be something akin to the big "Rotworld" arc in Swamp Thing and Animal Man, where everything is dire, miserable and doomed, but at the end, someone gets to go back in time and put right what once went wrong, Quantum Leap-style.

In the meantime, we get images like this, that let us, well, marvel at wacky, dark changes that our heroes may go through.


Age of Ultron #7


This is the cover of Age of Ultron #7, by Brandon Peterson, and it shows us strange things. Captain America with an eyepatch (did Wolverine remove his eye?). One-eyed Cyclops (as we've seen in Ages of Apocalypse past), Wolverine in the brown suit again, although with a belt he may have stolen from D-Man. Might that be Janet Van Dyne in a Captain Marvel uniform? Looks like Star-Lord is forgoing his cool mask. The Thing has craters, the Hulk has one hairy arm and Dr. Strange… well, he's just Dr. Strange.

So speculate away! Will this be an awesome Days of Future Past sort of thing, or will it be just another no-stakes dark reality that will be mostly erased by the end of it all?



Check this out.

Uncanny Avengers #8AU


This is the Jimmy Cheung cover of Uncanny Avengers #8AU. AU means Age of Ultron. And this one has quotes involved from writers Rick Remender and Gerry Duggan.

Here's the synopsis blurb of the issue:

The Uncanny Avengers must band together and make their way throughout this new dystopian world. But when The Apocalypse Twins and Kang are involved, will they make it out of the Age of Ultron in one piece? And when Havok and Rogue set off to save the Morlocks, what secret will Rogue unearth about the Twin’s hidden past?

“We’ve been setting up the role of Apocalypse, the Apocalypse Twins in the Marvel Universe, and with this issue readers get their first in-depth look at them AND a MAJOR  reveal in regards to Kang's involvement in it all,” explained Remender. “It also hints at a big future romance we're developing. Do not miss this issue.”

Apocalypse Twins? What did I miss? Does this have something to do with Evan, the Apocalypse kid Remender brought us in Uncanny X-Force? When did he have a twin? And are they really going to hook Havok up with Rogue? Whatever happened with Polaris?

“When Rick first told me about the Uncanny Avengers I was floored – it's such a fun book with so many threads are being woven together. Fans are only starting to see the hints of where this run is going,” said Duggan. “Age Of Ultron asks one of the greatest questions fans have been wondering for decades, what if Ultron won?! And throughout the event, people are going to love seeing these dominoes…and characters fall. The story I’m cooking up with Rick and Adam is a fun, but important story that marries two timelines, and I'm just thrilled to be a part of it in some small way.”

Okay, that sounds like there will be some kind of bridge between the AU AU (Age of Ultron Alternate Universe) and 616 – the main Marvel Universe we all know and enjoy.

Robots are cool. So I'm down to figure out what this story's really going to show us.