New ‘Orphan Black’ Trailer

Meet the woman who discovers that she may be a clone. And she’s not the only one...

Blair Marnellby Blair Marnell

When “Doctor Who” returns to BBC America next month, there will be a new companion… series.

As part of BBC America’s “Supernatural Saturday” lineup, “Doctor Who” will be joined by “Orphan Black,” a new original series starring Tatiana Maslany as Sarah, an opportunistic grifter who happens upon the suicide of a woman who looks remarkably like her.

But while Sarah begins cleaning out the woman’s bank account and assuming her life, she gets another unpleasant surprise: there are several duplicates of herself running around and even Sarah isn’t sure which one is the genuine article… if any of them are.

A newly released trailer for “Orphan Black” offers the best glimpse of the series to date, as we see Sarah in action as the truth slowly begins to emerge. 



Jordan Gavaris, Dylan Bruce ("NCIS"),  Maria Doyle Kennedy ("Downton Abbey"), Kevin Blanchard ("Republic of Doyle"), Michael Mando ("The Killing") and  Skyler Wexler ("Alphas") co-star in “Orphan Black;” which will debut on BBC America on Saturday, March 30.