Hockey Reporter Takes Puck To Face, ‘All Is Good’

This rink-side reporter gets his face busted open and plays it off like he's Chuck Norris.

Josh Helmuthby Josh Helmuth

Not sure if you've ever been hit by a hockey puck, but it can't be comfortable — those things are solid, heavy objects that can travel at speeds over 100 mph. However, if you get hit in the nose by one and it splits your face open, you might just feel a small tickle. At least, that's what we assume after seeing this video.

New York Rangers rink-side reporter John Giannone got smacked in the face by an astray pass Thursday night. Hysterical moment number one is when Giannone tells his broadcast team "oh, it's all good," while a trainer helps clean all the blood off his face. Hysterical moment number two is when they toss to his other collegue who reponds with "Did I just see that? Wow, that was scary."

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