Age of Ultron Video Trailer

Do you want to know more about the evil robot's ultimate triumph next month? Watch this video!

Andy Hunsakerby Andy Hunsaker

Brian Michael Bendis and Bryan Hitch are bringing us one of the more fast-paced Marvel events starting next month with Age of Ultron, a tale they insist isn't an alternate reality or in the future, but instead in the "now" of the Marvel Universe. The first three issues will hit in March, and here's their synopsis blurb:

This March, enter the darkest days of the Marvel Universe as it’s heroes fight for from the blockbuster creative team of Brian Michael Bendis (All New X-Men, Avengers VS. X-Men) and Bryan Hitch (Ultimates, Fantastic Four) in Age of Ultron #1. Evil has triumphed over good and leading this new age is none other than Ultron, the deadly sentient robot created by founding Avenger Hank Pym, who turned on his creator to achieve his twisted  objective…the utter destruction of humanity. Now, it’s up to the few remaining heroes to band together and find any way to topple their new monarch. Can Wolverine, Emma Frost, Invisible Woman, Taskmaster, Beast, She-Hulk, Luke Cage, Spider-Man, and Moon Knight turn the tide? With the robotic revolution in full force, no fan can miss how Age of Ultron will ultimately change the Marvel Universe leaving no hero or villain unscathed!


You want more? Well, here's a teaser trailer we've just gotten to hype it up. Maybe it's not an alternate future NOW, but it will be by the end of it, right? It has to be. Right?