The B-Movies Podcast #106: Taylor Momsen is Legal

[Updated]: Bibbs and Witney cover a whole week of crazy rumors and review Identity Thief, Side Effects and the Oscar-nominated documentary shorts.

William Bibbianiby William Bibbiani

[Update: We've fixed a technical issue that prevented some listeners from downloading the episode. We apologize for the delay.]

Drop and give us ten pop-and-locks, because it's time for an all-new episode of The B-Movies Podcast! William "Bibbs" Bibbiani and "The Rude Guy" Witney Seibold are here, and they're reviewing through Identity Thief, Side Effects and the Oscar-nominated documentary short films! Cancer, homelessness, old age, open heart surgery AND Identity Thief? This week is going to hurt real, real bad. They're also running down an entire week of news and crazy rumors: Dane DeHaan is Spider-Man's Negaduck? Avengers 3 spoilers two years before Avengers 2 comes out? Justice League's screenplay sucks out loud? Boba Fett and young Han Solo are getting their own films? Does the world need two Hercules movies? Does the world really deserve another Grinch?

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All this and Witney's goiter await you in The B-Movies Podcast #106: Taylor Momsen is Legal! (And don't forget to subscribe on iTunes!)

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