Learning to Love Guns in Las Vegas

The Guns and Ammo Garage in Las Vegas gives you a chance to enjoy guns without the guilt.

John Scott Lewinskiby John Scott Lewinski

British comedian Eddie Izzard once spun a classic firearms cliche with, "Guns don't kill people…It's just that certain sound they make."

For Izzard and the en vogue gun haters out there, you can stop reading. This is only going to make you angry and self-righteous. I'm sure there's something at a decoupage website that'll be more interesting.

Meanwhile, for those who enjoy sport shooting, hunting, defending themselves and not passively relying on the police for their self-protection against armed criminals, there's an invaluable opportunity to try out a vast variety of firearms at The Guns and Ammo Garage in Las Vegas.

The gun store and shooting range rents out a selection of handguns, rifles, semi-automatic and automatic weapons for testing and target shooting. It's not politically correct. It's not for the feint of heart. It's a hell of a lot of competitive fun.

During the Back of House Media Tour sponsored by the Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority, reporters had a chance to visit the Garage and try test their aim. (A CraveOnline video crew had a similar experience here.) I was a competitive shooter many years ago. My tricks were hitting a bottle cap with one shot at 30 yards and pinging a full can of soda while in the air with a single bullet. I was very eager to see if competitive shooting was like riding a bike. Did I still have the touch?

I offer the photos below — nothing outside center mass with a 9 mm pistol, semi-automatic rifle and fully automatic weapon. I offer the photos below as evidence.

Obviously, the machine gun is merely for amusement — an experience and maybe something to tick off a man's bucket list. I would agree with many critics that the average citizen has no need for an automatic weapon. But, the pistol and rifle practice underway at the Garage just might keep innocent people alive.

The trend in Las Vegas is moving away from gambling and more toward experiential entertainment. It seems that the average tourist is figuring, "If I'm going to drop $5,000, $1,000, $500, etc., while on a vacation in Las Vegas, I want to come away with something definite. I want to eat a great meal, enjoy an amazing show or do something I can't really do practically anywhere else."

The Guns and Ammo Garage qualifies for the latter — while educating the public on weapon use and sharpening skills.