7 Funny Videos About The Nemo Blizzard

It’s a snow day on the internets!

Geoffrey Goldenby Geoffrey Golden

The monster blizzard Nemo buried the northeast in snow. Some areas got up to 3 feet and endured power outages! Now the electricity is starting to turn back on, and folks are attempting to get back to work. Somehow, no matter what the weather, the internet never stops making comedy videos. Here are 7 funny videos about the Nemo blizzard:


Bread & Milk

Half way to the store, he’s gonna forget what he needs to buy.


Nemo Supercut

Nemo? Nemo! Nemo…


Too Much Snow For Scooter?

When dogs become salmon.


Timelapse Shoveling

Snow can’t stop folks from making pop culture references!


College Students Budget Sledding

So that’s what lunch trays are for!


Finding Nemo 2

Pixar animation has gotten so realistic.


The Harlem Shake (Nemo Edition)

Believe it or not, there are more of these.


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