First Look: Eli Roth’s The Green Inferno

An HD still of the latest horror film from the director of Hostel, about American protestors and Peruvian cannibals.

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Eli Roth sure seems like a busy guy, co-starring in movies like Inglourious Basterds and producing flicks like The Last Exorcism Part II and The Man with the Iron Fists, but for a person who rose to prominence as a horror director, he sure hasn't directed a lot lately. His last feature film was 2007's Hostel II, for crying out loud. Fortunately for his fans, Roth is finally up to his old tricks with The Green Inferno, a new horror thriller about a group of New York protestors in Peru who fall prey to a tribe of cannibals. Xenophobic thrills? That sure sounds like the director of Hostel, alright.

Today comes our first look at The Green Inferno, originally scooped by our sister site Shock Till You Drop, but now updated in high-definition (click away!) from Worldview Entertainment. The Green Inferno is scheduled for release sometime in 2013.