Stephen Dank Says Bombers‘ Coaches Took Drugs

The alleged mastermind behind the Essendon drug scandal claims everything was legal.

Robert Whiteby Robert White

Beleaguered former Essendon sport scientist Stephen Dank participated in a revealing interview with the ABC’s 7.30 on Monday night, blowing open the football performance enhancing drugs scandal to an entirely new level.

The biggest news to emanate from the interview was Dank's claim Essendon coaches used drugs during his time with the club.

"A couple of coaches were using supplements that were a little bit outside the WADA code but, again, they were entitled to it and nothing illegal in those," Dank said, although he did not reveal the names of the coaches in question.

Dank also claimed that coach James Hird had full knowledge of the 2012 supplement regime administered to the majority of the Essendon roster and that all substances were "very, very legal and within the constraints of WADA".

He said that knowledge of the supplement program extended to all levels throughout the club.

"There was a collective involvement – you know it wasn't just Steve Dank," he said.

"There was certainly input from people outside myself. There was a very significant involvement from Dean (Robinson) as the high-performance manager, there was detailed discussion with James Hird, there was detailed discussion with the club doctor (Bruce Reid).

"They were sort of the main people involved in the knowledge of the program."

In his lone media interview, Dank professed his innocence and said that his program used with Essendon is one regularly used by most AFL clubs.

Developments to the story continue emerge, however the most concerning issue includes AFL player involvement with known criminals.

AFL chief executive Andrew Demetriou stated he has had "serious concerns" about players mixing with renowned bikie gang members. AFL clubs will be alerted in the coming weeks of the players associating with known criminals, recorded in phone taps.

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