Exclusive Clip: The Jeffrey Dahmer Files

The new IFC documentary interviews people who knew the infamous serial killer before his capture.

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"I have probably eaten someone's body part."

Jeffrey Dahmer may be the most famous serial killer in American history, having killed and – yikes – eaten at least 17 people in Milwaukee, GA. He was eventually captured, and sentenced to 957 years in prison (where he was killed in 1994, having served barely 0.003% of his sentence). But what about the people around him? His neighbors, his friends, his doctors? How did he get away with multiple homicides in a seemingly peaceful suburban neighborhood, and whatever happened to the folks who were completely oblivious to his crimes?

That's the subject of The Jeffrey Dahmer Files, a new documentary from director Chris James Thompson, who uses archival footage, interviews and even fictional storytelling to illustrate the events surrounding Dahmer's arrest in 1991. And we've got an exclusive preview of the film for you at CraveOnline. Try to enjoy it, if you're not creeped out too much.

The Jeffrey Dahmer Files opens in select theaters, On Demand and on SundanceNOW this February 15, 2013.