Watch the Shocking Racist Footage that has Football Fans Talking

Chiefs are "appalled" by the footage after what happened during the Milwall-Leeds match last November.

Paul Tamburroby Paul Tamburro

Sky Sports News last night aired footage of Milwall's match against Leeds last November. The footage shows Millwall fans coming together to support their local team. Oh, and to spout casual, visceral racist slurs.

The footage, taken by an investigative reporter in Block 28 at the Den, shows Millwall fans targeting Leeds captain El Hadji Diouf, branding him a "f***ing slave" before breaking into a round of monkey chants. According to the report, Diouf was racially abused 55 times during the course of the game. Not a single one of these racist "fans" were arrested or escorted out of the stadium.

Watch the video below:

Millwall chief executive Andy Ambler said of the footage: "Like all Millwall fans and football fans generally, we're appalled by the footage we've seen. Clearly that behaviour is unacceptable in any football ground in the country and at Millwall we will ban the individuals for life and we hope that Sky will pass the footage to the police so that further action can be taken.

"Sadly racism exists in our society and certain individuals want to bring it into football grounds. It's down to us in football do to more. We think football is the solution to the problem and the work that we do will continue and we need to continue it.

"That day against Leeds obviously there was an allegation of abuse made online initially. We investigated it straight away. We interviewed stewards, police, players, we looked at the TV footage too as it was live on Sky.

"After speaking to the player who had the alleged abuse directed at him during the day, he said that he heard no abuse on the day so that was basically at that point the end of the investigation – although we're going to open it again now."

FA Chairman David Bernstein told Sky Sports News:  "These issues bother me intensely. They have become top of my agenda in terms of moving these things on and combating these things.

"The awareness of it could not be higher."

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