Preview: Sledgehammer 44 #1

Who doesn't like a giant robo-man in World War II? If you don't, what are you, a Commie?

Andy Hunsakerby Andy Hunsaker

Okay, the last time Dark Horse sent out a preview like this, it was for The Answer!, which I mistakenly billed as Super Mysterious judging by the traditional title placement for most comic books. I don't mean to make that mistake again, so I'm not calling this Super Soldier. I'm calling it Sledgehammer 44.

Mike Mignola and John Arcudi like World War II stories. Who doesn't? It's the last time our national enemy was clear-cut, even if the war itself was an ugly mess, just like every war ever has been. Nazis were so evil that they deserve no end to getting the shit kicked out of them in all forms of fiction, and it looks like Mignola and Arcudi – with new Winter Soldier writer Jason Latour on art – are up to the task, now that they're foisting a badass robot-looking dude on those jerks.

Okay, he's not actually a robot. Here's the official blurb about it:

August 1944: a man in a suit of iron armor drops from an American warplane onto a French battlefield, where he attempts to fight his way through an army of Nazis and the massive war machine they keep protected in an armory.

So it's a Mignola version of Iron Man, essentially. Check this out and tell us what you make of it.


Slege-Hammer '44