AMC & Ridley Scott Seek ‘The Terror’

The network behind “The Walking Dead” sets up an adaptation of Dan Simmons’ novel for television.

Blair Marnellby Blair Marnell

It’s been a busy week for Ridley Scott. On Monday, Scott and Frank Spotnitz landed an adaptation of Philip K. Dick’s “The Man In The High Castle” as a miniseries for Syfy. And now Scott is producing another novel adaptation for television.

Deadline is reporting that Scott’s Scott Free TV and film producer Alexandra Milchan are developing “The Terror” for AMC; which is based upon the novel of the same name by Dan Simmons that was published in 2007.

“The Terror” takes place in 1847 as a Royal Navy expedition to the Arctic goes horribly wrong when they discover a deadly and intelligent creature that begins preying upon the crew and stalking the ships.

David Kajganich is attached to adapt “The Terror” for television after he has previously written an updated adaptation for Stephen King’s The Stand and scripts for True Story, Plan B and A Bigger Splash. Scott, Milchan and Simmons will serve as executive producers alongside David Zucker, Scott Lambert and Meghan Lyvers.

“The Terror” would be the rare fusion of a genre show and a period show; both of which play to AMC’s strengths.

AMC’s apparent shift to genre programming is largely seen as a way for the network  to expand upon its record breaking success with “The Walking Dead.” “Mad Men” and “Breaking Bad” may bring in the prestige and awards, but AMC appears to be hungry for another breakout success that can appeal to a larger audience.