DISH and ‘Duck Dynasty’ Presents: Reality TV’s Greatest Beards

A celebration of some of the greatest facial hair on reality television.

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Get your ducks in order, the Robertson family is coming back soon!
A&E’s smash hit reality series, “Duck Dynasty” is returning for a third season on Wednesday, February 27 at 10/9c on DISH channel 118 with two back-to-back episodes. “Duck Dynasty” follows the men and women of the Robertson family who built a multi-million dollar business called Duck Commander out of their remarkable ability to make some of the best duck calls in the hunting industry.
But the Robertsons haven’t turned their backs on their roots. They still embrace their Southern heritage and the outdoorsman life while looking for excitement in the bayou. One thing is clear: life is never dull when the Robertsons are around!
And while the Robertsons are experts in their field, they also sport some of the most amazing facial hair on television. Their beards are almost works of follicle art that tell the story of their rugged lives and stand as visible signs of their passion for their lifestyle. It takes a lot of commitment to grow beards like that.  Appropriately enough, ZZ Top’s famous “Sharp Dressed Man” is the theme song for “Duck Dynasty.”
In honor of the return of “Duck Dynasty,” we’re celebrating the greatest facial hair and beards on reality television today. And unsurprisingly, several of the men from “Duck Dynasty” made the cut.

Phil Robertson

Meet the Duck Commander himself, Phil Robertson. Not only has Phil created the original Duck Commander Duck Call, he is reportedly so dedicated to Duck Hunting season that he will go a full ten weeks without showering, shaving or even washing his clothes just to make sure he gets as many ducks as possible.

Now that’s dedication. And his beard reflects that.

Si Robertson

Also from “Duck Dynasty” is Phil’s brother, Si Robertson; a Vietnam veteran with a seemingly endless supply of war stories to share. Si’s face and beard are visible markers of a man who has seen just about everything in his time. And he’s not done yet!

Jack Passion  

If we’re talking world class beards, then the conversation is incomplete without Jack Passion from “Whisker Wars.” Jack is a two time "Full Beard Natural" World Champion at the World Beard and Moustache Championships… and he looks like he hasn’t shaved since birth. 

On top of being a Reality TV star and a top player in facial hair competitions, Jack is also a rock musician and a writer. He’s also close to 30 years old; which means that his beard is just getting started.

Aarne Bielefeldt

Also from “Whisker Wars” comes Aarne Bielefeldt; whose amazing facial hair seems to resemble some kind of sea monster. Hair does not curl like that naturally, so getting his beard and moustache into that shape has to be pretty time consuming.

But it’s worth it. Because who could ever forget that face?

Paul Teutul, Sr.

It’s impossible to picture “American Chopper” without the distinctive facial hair of Paul Teutul, Sr.; who starred in six seasons of the show. Paul’s signature moustache is not really a beard per say, but it kind becomes one as it circles back towards his chin.

Duane "Dog" Chapman

The former star of A&E’s “Dog the Bounty Hunter,” Duane "Dog" Chapman has perfected the minimalist beard and moustache. It’s seemingly always the same length and it always exudes the action hero vibe of Dog himself.

Bryan Johnson

One of “Comic Book Men’s” resident stars, Bryan Johnson has the most memorable face on that series. The beard works for him, but it’s Bryan’s eyes and demeanor that really bring it all together.

Willie Robertson

Getting back to “Duck Dynasty,” we have Willie Robertson, one of Phil’s sons. Willie is widely credited with being the man who made Duck Commander into a multi-million dollar business. And Willie’s beard is no less impressive as it seems to merge with the hair from the back of his head.

Jase Robertson

Willie’s brother, Jase Robertson is also one of the main players on “Duck Dynasty.” And of the Robertson men, Jase’s beard seems to be the most trimmed and kept up as it maintains its shape. Jase also has one of the more unique outlooks on life: “Only three things matter: God, then family, then ducks.”

Don’t miss the new season of “Duck Dynasty,” coming Wednesday, February 27 at 10/9c on DISH channel 118!