5 Hilarious Songs By DJ Lubel

His music is so wrong, he even has a song called "Wrong Hole."

Geoffrey Goldenby Geoffrey Golden

Whatever happened to those catchy, wonderful old songs you could dance to? If your grandparents have said that to you, play them some DJ Lubel and make them sorry they ever waxed nostalgic. Here are music videos for 5 hilarious songs by DJ Lubel:


"The Women of LA"

It's too bad that women only live in Los Angeles and New York City.


"Wrong Hole"

Every guy needs a Scott Baio to talk to.


"Just The Majority"

I'm so glad the UN has a theme song.


"The Murray Hill Song"

First you get the money, then you get the power, then you get the Murray Hill apartment.


"Masturbate For Life"

Marriage is forever, but so is a girl whose memory you can always masturbate to.


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