Success! Unemployed Bloke who Erected Billboard to Beg for a Job Receives Fairytale Ending

Oh, internet - sometimes your powers are used for good.

Paul Tamburroby Paul Tamburro

You may remember last month hearing about Adam Pacitti's very public struggle to find himself a job. If you didn't, then refresh your memory by clicking right here.

Cutting a reasonably-sized story shirt, after handing out over 250 CVs, Pacitti had become a little desperate at the lack of responses he was getting, so therefore spent his last £500 on erecting a billboard in London begging for someone to employ him. The story gained traction and, here we are, a little under two months later, discussing how Adam has now finally found employment off of the back of this little stunt.

In a video update concerning his recent employment, Pacitti explains what he's doing now, and runs through a few "messages of support" he's received over the past couple of months.

After finding employment, Adam yet again erected a billboard, only this time its message was a little different…

Pacitti is now working on a new web series in which he's attempting to help unemployed people find their dream job. To find out more about it, visit (we think you may have to change the URL now, Adam).