Artists Wanted: CraveOnline, Design By Humans Team for Epic Design Battle at SXSW

Got the artistic chops it takes to beat the best of the best?  If you do, CraveOnline and Design By Humans thinks there's a trip to Austin for SXSW in it for you!

Jason Kobelyby Jason Kobely

What do you crave?

It's the question we here at CraveOnline HQ work to answer every day.  Now with the help of our friends at online t-shirt titan Design By Humans, we're giving you artists the chance to show us — and if your work is as awesome as you think it is, there's an all-expenses-paid trip to South by Southwest in Austin, Tx in it for ya!

So here's what you do — create a t-shirt design around the simple theme "What Do You Crave?" That's it.  Of course, there are some rules about what you can and can't do in that design over at Design By Humans website (it's a contest, you knew there'd be some rules, right?).  

Artists Wanted: CraveOnline, Design By Humans Team for Epic Design Battle at SXSWLet your imagination run wild — are you Craving a triple-decker cheeseburger?  A mint condition Action Comics #1? World peace? A date with Mila Kunis? Well, considering contest rules about using copyrighted material, maybe your Mila Kunis portrait ISN'T your best bet for this contest.  But otherwise, unleash your brilliance — and of course, your incredible artistic talents — and go nuts.

You'll submit your design to the Design By Humans team, who will then select the top three winners.  And trust us, nobody's a better judge of what looks uber-cool on a t-shirt than Design By Humans.

Since rolling out in 2007, DBH has been guided by a simple mission — give artists from around the globe a platform to produce wearable art that tells a story, strengthens humanity and inspires life through creativity and design.

In the past six years, nearly 10,000 artists from 110 countries have competed in DBH t-shirt design contests.  And they're producing not only some of the coolest t-shirts you'll ever see (We're big fans of the that rockin' Zombie Frenzy shirt, for example), but also fostering the talents of and providing exposure for young artists everywhere.

So back to the contest — from those winners, the two U.S. artists will fly to the ginormous annual South by Southwest music, film and interactive conference and festival in Austin this March.

There, the two combatants will pick up Wacom pens, step in front of a black Photoshop canvass and have 90 minutes to show off all their artistic talents — all in front of a packed crowd, cheering on their triumphs!

It'll all happen at a still hush-hush CraveOnline monster event going on there in Austin Mar. 13.  We'll roll out the details in a matter of days, but trust us — if you're in Austin (or really, anywhere within a couple days driving distance, to be honest), you'll be kicking yourself if you're not there.

Up to the artistic challenge?  Go over to Design By Humans contest page, get your submission in and if you've got the walk to back up all that talk, we'll see you in Austin next month!

Artists Wanted: CraveOnline, Design By Humans Team for Epic Design Battle at SXSW