SUITS 2.15 ‘Normandy’

Louis goes to bat for Rachel while Harvey reignites an old flame to take down Daniel Hardman.

Hilary Rothingby Hilary Rothing

Episode Title: "Normandy"

Writer: Jon Cowan

Director: Terry McDonough

Previously on "Suits:"

Episode 2.14 "He's Back"


Louis Litt (Rick Hoffman) might just be the most lovable sniveling, sneaky, two-faced, slimy attorney on television, today. One minute, he’s snooping around Harvey’s office and talking down to associates, the next’s he’s falling on the sword to spare Rachel from the "hard truth" that she just isn’t good enough for Harvard.

Certain she’s getting in thanks to her strong LSAT scores, aced interview and legacy pedigree, Rachel (Meghan Markle) is crushed when she gets her rejection letter. So crushed that she starts letting work slip, allowing crafty new fifth-year associate, Katrina Bennett (Amanda Shull) to get over on Mike (Patrick J. Adams) in the firm’s battle against Folsom Foods. Katrina’s a great foil for Mike and also effectively manages to get under Rachel and Louis’ skin. But her beef with Mike gets especially interesting when he takes issue with how she got her position at the firm, a funny accusation coming from a fake lawyer. If Katrina only knew. In every other respect however, Katrina could have Mike’s number. She tells him to stop taking everything so personally, something Mike excels at. Sometimes it saves the day and other times, it just gets in the way.

While Katrina, Rachel and Mike hunker down in the trenches in the firm’s "Battle of Normandy" against Hardman and Folsom Foods, Harvey (Gabriel Macht) leads the charge by teaming up with old flame, Dana "Scottie" Scott (Abigail Spencer) in order to use her firm’s deep pockets to battle Hardman. The two hit the road for a surprise attack against the one branch of Folsom Food’s where a woman is in power. Their plan? Expose the real reason why the notoriously gender-biased corporation promoted a female exec and the rest of the company will crumble.

At first, Hardman (David Costabile) is one step ahead, as he awaits Harvey and Scottie’s deposition of the exec. But when Harvey confronts the exec about being promoted because she can’t have children and is therefore able to fully commit to the job, he ruffles a few feathers – including Scottie’s.

Ultimately, Harvey’s ploy works when the firm finds an email in which Folsom’s CEO admits to promoting the woman because she won’t have a family to distract her. This revelation, coupled with Jessica’s (Gina Torres) partnership with the head of Scottie’s firm puts Hardman on the ropes. But not everyone’s happy about it. Harvey takes issue with Scottie for not telling him about her true intentions with the merge. It’s only further proof that winning isn’t enough for Harvey. He has to win on his terms.

Harvey’s bickering with Scottie and Jessica made up a good part of this episode (for the record, he didn’t just "bicker" with Scottie, they also had sex on her firm’s Leer jet.). And there was also plenty of Hardman acting smug, which makes you love hating him that much more. But the best part of "Normandy" was Louis’ attempt to right "the slings and arrows of outrageous wrongness" regarding Rachel's Harvard application

At first, it seems like Rachel’s rejection letter is just an excuse for Louis and Sheila (Rachael Harris) to engage in more sexual farce, but things get serious when afterwards, she insists her decision had nothing to do with getting back at Louis; in her estimation Rachel isn’t Harvard material. Sheila commends Louis for his "noble" actions, but he earns knighthood when he tells Rachel it was his relationship with Sheila that cost her her Harvard dreams.

With one episode left in a season that's way too short, it still feels like there’s much story to tell. Will we see the last of Daniel Hardman in next week’s finale? Will Rachel learn the truth about her Harvard application and possibly, Mike’s secret? Will Harvey ever get his damn name on the door? Somehow, "Suits" will likely manage to pack some sort of satisfying resolution into next week’s season finale. Too bad it has to end so soon.