Gigi Rüf Wins Red Bull Ultra Natural

Rüf, one of the biggest names in snowboarding, dominated this weekend’s event in Baldface, BC.

Ed Millerby Ed Miller

The 2013 Red Bull Ultra Natural event had everything a snowboarding fan could ask for – big air, big tricks and big fun.  The Ultra Natural is an event that basically gives the world’s best snowboarders free reign on an open downhill course.  Gigi Rüf, last year’s runner-up in the event, finished first this time around as he continued to prove that he’s one of the biggest names in snowboarding. 

Rüf finished the event, which took place in Baldface, British Columbia, with a final score of 82.6 – the next closest participant, Nicolas Müller, ended with a score of 76.4.  The starting order proved important, with some riders taking risks and dropping early while others believed it was better to wait and follow in their tracks.  On Rüf’s first run he pulled off a variety of tricks but it was capped off by a frontside 360 – considered to be one of the better tricks of the day.  He then followed it up on his second run with a backside 180 Japan and a nose press off of a cabin to a 180 out.

“I had an advantage of having participated already last year, but I'm just honored to be able to come back for a third time, and hopefully be able to make my visions clear and adapt my riding to whatever conditions we find next year,” Rüf, happily told ESPN after the awards ceremony.

Rüf made it look easy, flowing and popping down a course that can be quite treacherous if the weather conditions aren’t completely cooperative.  He’s stated in the past that the event is the closest to surfing that snowboarding will ever get.  Considering how good he has been the last two yearsg, maybe he should take up surfing during the warm summer months.

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Full Event Results:
1. Gigi Rüf 82.6
2. Nicolas Müller 76.4
3. Bryan Fox 75.4
4. Terje Håkonsen 66.2
5. David Carrier-Porcheron 62.2
6. Mark McMorris 61.6
7. Eero Niemela 61.0
8. Pat Moore 59.0
9. Lucas Debari 57.2
10. Travis Rice 56.2
11. Jussi Oksanen 55.4
12. Bode Merrill 48.8
13. Jake Blauvelt 48.0
14. Wolfgang Nyvelt 45.6
15. Torstein Horgmo 44.8
16. Mikey Rencz 40.0