Hotline Miami Hits PS3, Vita This Spring

The hit indie PC game comes to Sony's platforms later this year. Three cheers!

Erik Norrisby Erik Norris

Hotline Miami, the critically acclaimed indie PC game from 2012, is coming to the PlayStation 3 and PS Vita this spring. The announcement press release was light on actual details, outside the fact Dutch developer Abstraction Games will be porting Dennaton Games’ masterpiece to Sony’s platforms and that the title will be part of Sony’s “Cross-Buy” promotion, letting you snag both versions of the game for the price of one.  Everything about this news excites me.

Hotline Miami was up for a crapton of year-end awards at a number of online outlets at the end of 2012. It’s a surreal murder simulator taking heavy inspiration from things like Miami Vice and the 2011 film, Drive.

You can check out the PS3/Vita version’s first trailer below. Get pumped for the slaughter.

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