Preview: Justice League of America #1

Geoff Johns' U.S.-centric superhero team takes center stage tomorrow. Here's your first look.

Andy Hunsakerby Andy Hunsaker

Justice League and JLA are no longer interchangeable terms.

After six months of hype, we finally get to take a look at Justice League of America #1, the government-sponsored team of superhumans that is the notable second string when compared to the independent operators (and the big names) in Justice League – your Superman, your Batman, your Wonder Woman. The JLA has people like Hawkman, Green Arrow, Martian Manhunter, Katana, Vibe, Stargirl, the greenest of Green Lanterns and, for some reason, even Catwoman. It's all masterminded by Amanda Waller and Steve Trevor.

“It's about recruits who didn't necessarily want the job and were going on missions they weren't necessarily passionate about, but they did it for various reasons,” Johns explains. “I love Batman and Superman and Wonder Woman, but I do find myself gravitating toward the underdogs.”

That could explain a few things about the bumpy road of Justice League so far. Maybe it's just not the characters he likes best. That could certainly clarify why Trevor was the best character in that series for its first year.

"It's not Batman and Superman and the big, big characters, and we can do a lot of pretty crazy stuff with these guys," Finch added, noting that a revaped Secret Society of Supervillains will be the big threat in JLA #1. "People are going to be pretty surprised. It gets a little bit more wild than what you'd see in Justice League proper. I love the villains the most. This is so up my alley.”


Check out these preview pages from Justice League of America #1, due out tomorrow.


Justice League of America #1


Justice League of America #1


Justice League of America #1