Floyd Mayweather’s May 4 Opponent Revealed

And it's just as we predicted.

Josh Helmuthby Josh Helmuth

Boxing's worst kept secret has become official.

WBC Interim welterweight champ Robert Guerrero will be facing the notorious Floyd Mayweather on May 4th. The news comes as no surprise to the media or fans alike ever since Guerrero's name was echoed throughout the internet.

However the one interesting tidbit of information from the announcement was that this will be Mayweather's first PPV on Showtime. Mayweather shockingly left HBO to sign a six-fight deal with Showtime and it's parent company, the CBS Corporation.

"So bottom line, HBO was outgunned. They came to a gun fight with a knife" said Mayweather advisor Leonard Ellerbe.

We reached out to HBO Spokesman Ray Stallone for comment and he said "We made an aggressive and responsible pay-per-view offer.
"Now we move on. We are focused on the best boxing franchise in the television business.  We are proud of the roster of superstar fighters  and emerging stars who are scheduled to appear on the multiple HBO television platforms this year."

The deal is the biggest the sport has ever scene since Mayweather is the biggest draw on PPV. If all six fights on the deal happen, it will be the richest athlete deal in all individual sports. This could be huge not only for Mayweather but for boxing itself.

Boxing coverage on network television has died out over the years but with the help of an HBO 24/7 style show profiling the bout, it may finally be ushered back into the television spotlight.

As far as the fight itself, Guerrero has become one of boxing's rising stars. During his last bout in Novemeber, "The Ghost" beat down a world class fighter, who at the time only resembled Andre Berto. Guerrero made Berto kiss the canvas twice en route to the unanimous decision victory. After the fight he called out Mayweather and here we are.

Mexican superstar Canelo Alvarez will face Austin Trout on the undercard and if he wins, expect him to face Mayweather in September.

Boxing in 2013 promises to be nothing short of remarkable.

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