The Worst Surf Wipeouts Ever

[Video] The monster wipeouts that will make you nearly sick to your stomach.

Joshua Caudillby Joshua Caudill

Everyone looks at surfers like warriors of the ocean. Warriors who bravely take on death defying waves and conquer them. Well, here are some surfers that didn't. In fact, they got chewed up and spit out by the sea.


Jay Moriarity (Mavericks)

Most of you know this name from the movie Chasing Mavericks, but check out the actual video of one of the most gnarly wipe outs of all time. Moriarity was only 16 years old when he took on this massive death wave and his wipeout made the cover of Surfer Magazine.

Kalani Chapman (Teahupoo)

How this guy is not dead is beyond me. The wave just swallowed him up with the lip barely missing him. Big wave surfing isn't for the faint of heart but apparently its for people wanting to commit suicide or just crazy adrenaline junkies. Regardless, Kalani is the stereotypical surfer. This dude didn't even care that he was almost swallowed up by the sea. He thinks his scars are rad and talks like there are a few screws loose.

Duane Desoto (Teahupoo)

As Desoto drops in, he loses his balance and his board goes flying 20 yards in front of him as he gets thrashed by the wave. The video says it all…and don't worry, he lived….I think.

Mark Matthews (Tasmania)

This is one of the heaviest wipeouts of all time. No question about it. Matthews looked like Bodhi from Point Break getting eaten up by the 50 year storm. The wipeout was so bad or so good (depending who you speak to) that it won 'Wipeout of the Year.'

Garrett McNamara (Jaws, Hawaii)

I thought it would be impossible to top Jay Moriarity's wipeout at Mavericks. However, after seeing Garrett McNamara's wipeout at Jaws, you feel like throwing up or the need to change your shorts. That is hands down, the most terrifying and most awesome wipeout in the history of surfing blunders. McNamara seems to have put this wipeout behind him. Last month, he just surfed a record breaking 100- foot wave. Everything this guys does is crazy.

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