VEGAS 1.15 ‘Two of a Kind’

Dixon gets close to a Hollywood starlet and Jack makes a tough decision when Savino comes calling.

Hilary Rothingby Hilary Rothing

Episode Title: "Two of a Kind"

Writers: Jessica Queller and Steven Levenson

Director: Jerry Levine

Previously on "Vegas:"

Episode 1.14 "The Third Man"


Jack’s love for Mia is deep, but not deep enough to become Vincent Savino’s "errand boy," as we learned in "Two of a Kind."

With the FBI setting up shop in the sheriff’s station and Savino (Michael Chiklis) threatening to tell Mia (Sarah Jones) the truth about her father’s murder, Jack (Jason O'Mara) was getting heat in all directions in this week’s episode. Already having lied to the police and tampered with evidence, it seemed like there was no going back for the lawman in love with a mob princess. But after listening to his tale of a set-up by Savino and acting in self-defense, Sheriff Lamb (Dennis Quaid) thinks he can get his brother out of this mess. And he starts by burning Jack’s prints.

"Vegas" likes playing with the line between the "good guys" and the "bad guys," a line drawn in the desert sand that’s constantly being blown away and re-established by the winds of change in the burgeoning casino town. While Jack’s relationship with Mia gets more and more complicated, his young nephew and deputy, Dixon (Taylor Handley) faces constant temptation to cross that line. This time it was in the form of Hollywood starlet and Savoy guest, Violet Mills (Hey, it’s Anna Camp, also known for playing a temptress on "Mad Men" and "True Blood.")

Hotshot Hollywood producer, Barry Silver (Hey, it's "Vondas" from "The Wire" and a million other shows, Paul Ben-Victor) tasks Tommy Stone (Enver Gjokaj), the Savoy’s new Entertainment Director with keeping her out of trouble. Tommy, in turn, farms out the job to Dixon, by hiring him to be Violet’s "bodyguard" on set. But the upstart of a starlet becomes upset when she learns her lines have been cut and reverts back to her country roots by stealing a horse and galloping off set. Dixon does the same and catches up with Violet. Discouraged by her diminished role in the Western flick, she contemplates giving up showbiz altogether, but Dixon gives her confidence a boost when he asks her to act out her cut scene with him.

To Tommy’s relief, Dixon delivers Violet to the Savoy and Barry Silver. But Silver sees how smitten his starlet is with the deputy and warns Tommy to keep him away from her. Dixon may have seen the last of Violet, but if he keeps wooing women with powerful (and sometimes dangerous) friends, he could end up like his uncle.

The sheriff may have a plan to get Jack out of trouble with both the FBI and the Chicago mob, but what about Mia? Jack fears he may have lost her, but that might be the least of it if she can’t bring herself to understand his actions and why he kept them from her. Mia is extremely cunning and also emotionally guarded. And right now, she’s hurt, angry and very capable of doing something ugly to get back at the man she may believe caused her all this pain.

While a good part of "Two of a Kind" focuses on Jack’s predicament and the arrival of FBI Agent and possible professional and romantic rival for Sheriff Lamb, Patrick Byrne (Shawn Doyle), there's also a case to be solved. This one involves the murder of traveling salesman, Bert Lattimer. When not out hawking health shakes, Lattimer was juggling two wives.

After interviewing both women, Ralph and Jack focus on Lattimer’s brother-in-law, Tomas, who knew about Bert’s other wife. Tomas followed Bert home the night of his murder when he saw a man get out of a car and shoot his brother-in-law. After taking a closer look at the company Lattimer worked for, Jack learns it’s a pyramid scheme. When he realized what was going on, Lattimer wanted a refund on the product he didn’t sell, but instead of returning the money, his boss, Dr. Thrane killed him to keep Lattimer from talking.

When Katherine (Carrie-Anne Moss) asks for a confession, Sheriff Lamb outfits Tomas with a tape recorder for a meeting with Dr. Thrane, in which he threatens to turn him in for Lattimer’s murder if he doesn’t pay up. Thrane admits to killing Lattimer and then tries to do the same to Tomas, just as Sheriff Lamb and his brother bust in tot make the arrest.

"The death of the (traveling) salesman" was a kitschy little murder mystery, but what most viewers are probably itching to find out is what Mia will do now that she knows the truth. And what might be worse, what Vincent Savino will do to Jack for telling her.