Worst Free Throw Ever?

[Video] See how bad it really is and find out why the shot was so awful.

Josh Helmuthby Josh Helmuth

In case you haven't seen it, this is the worst free throw ever caught on camera in a competitive basketball game:

Kudos to Deadspin for calling up the shooter, Georgia College junior Shanteona Keys, to find out exactly what happened. I mean, afterall, how does a college basketball player shoot such an egregious foul shot?

Here is what Deadspin reported as her response:

"It actually happens to me a lot in practice," Keys told us. "It's just never happened in a game before, with cameras rolling." According to Keys, she always brings the ball very close to her face when taking a free throw, and sometimes she brings it so close that her thumb actually touches her nose. From this position she is usually able to shoot the ball without incident, but sometimes her thumb gets caught on her nose. "On that shot, I just followed through too close to my face," she said. "And my fingernail got caught on my nose, so I couldn't follow through correctly on the shot."

Interesting. I would say that if it happens all the time in practice, I would change my mechanics. Although I'm not a college basketball player, I did win some regional three-point championships for the state of Ill. in high school. Self promo!

Anywho, good job owning up to this one Shanteona. Can't wait to see you on Tosh.0.

Oh, and one more thing; Shanteona is a 78.4 percent shoote from the free throw line. 

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