The 10 Best Facial Hair Looks This NHL Season

The playoffs are right around the corner, but these players and coaches already have their facial hair in mid-postseason form.

Ed Millerby Ed Miller

With the National Hockey League season shortened to 48 games, the playoffs are right around the corner, which means one thing, well besides the Stanley Cup – playoff beards.  But if you watch the games these days, there are plenty of players sporting some awesome facial hair this season.

Here are the top 10 players who have decided to keep their chins – or upper lips – warm a little early this season.

The 10 Best Facial Hair Looks This NHL SeasonJakub Voracek – Right Win, Philadelphia Flyers

(Pictured above) Voracek has an unmistakable red beard and as far as we’re concerned, it’s the source of his power.  The 23-year-old has been one of the league’s most underrated players since joining the Flyers back in 2011.  His facial hair might not be quite up to playoff par but it’s still looking pretty scruffy.

The 10 Best Facial Hair Looks This NHL SeasonTodd Bertuzzi – Right Wing, Detroit Red Wings

We’re convinced that Bertuzzi could grow a full beard in just one day.  In recent years, he’s kept the facial hair throughout the season and let it run wild when the postseason begins.  This season, he’s sported his usual – and even though he sometimes shaves it, his beard seems to come back seemingly immediately.  Does Miracle Grow make a shaving cream that we are not aware of?

The 10 Best Facial Hair Looks This NHL SeasonRyan Miller – Goaltender, Buffalo Sabres

It’s tough to see Miller’s facial hair behind his mask but trust us, it’s there.  Miller looks homeless during the growing stages – basically what he’s been sporting this season – but it looks pretty epic when he lets it go for the postseason.  We must admit, he played much better when he was all cleaned up.  It might be time to break out the razor, Ryan!

The 10 Best Facial Hair Looks This NHL SeasonJason Garrison – Defense, Vancouver Canucks

Garrison has a nice little face sweater going on this season.  It must be the cold Vancouver weather because he rarely had a beard for the last four seasons he spent with the Florida Panthers.  He got his first chance at a playoff beard last season when the Panthers finally made the playoffs again, so maybe he just wanted to keep the feeling going?

The 10 Best Facial Hair Looks This NHL SeasonHenrik Zetterberg – Center, Detroit Red Wings

Is there something in the water in Detroit?  Like Bertuzzi, Zetterberg can grow a beard seemingly in hours and is rocking a monstrous one already this season.  The newly anointed Red Wings captain goes back-and-forth on his shaving habits but when he lets it go, it’s among the league’s best.

The 10 Best Facial Hair Looks This NHL SeasonGeorge Parros – Right Wing, Florida Panthers

If there was a Ron Swanson (Parks and Recreation) lookalike contest, Parros would surely win.  Parros has been sporting his legendary mustache since his rookie year and not only is it thick – it’s also jet black.  Parros’ mustache fits his style of play, since he’s gritty, hard hitting and he loves to drop the gloves, though he looks like he should be knocking them back in a bar, not on the ice enforcing.

The 10 Best Facial Hair Looks This NHL SeasonJoel Quenneville – Coach, Chicago Blackhawks

We would like to go on record stating that we have never seen Quenneville smile, except for one time – when his Blackhawks hoisted the Stanley Cup in 2010.  Maybe it’s because his big, bushy mustache hides it on a regular basis.  Whatever the reason, Quenneville sports the look all year around and it makes him look like one mean son of a bitch, no matter what the situation. It even has its own Twitter account.

The 10 Best Facial Hair Looks This NHL SeasonGreg Zanon – Defenseman, Colorado Avalanche

Zanon has perhaps the bushiest beard going right now.  We would really like to know when he last let a razor touch his face.  He looks pretty frightening out there on the ice but it’s not scaring opponents away these days, as the Avalanche have allowed the fifth most shots per game in the league.

The 10 Best Facial Hair Looks This NHL SeasonBrent Burns – Defenseman, San Jose Sharks

This year’s official NHL picture of Burns says it all – he’s Chewbacca.  He has long disheveled brown hair and a beard that seems to be running haywire.  If he doesn’t get a pair of scissors to it before the playoffs, he might be able to audition for the next Star Wars movies.

The 10 Best Facial Hair Looks This NHL SeasonPaul MacLean – Coach, Ottawa Senators

The 10 Best Facial Hair Looks This NHL Season

Quenneville’s ‘stache has nothing on MacLean.  That thing is like a work of art.  It’s the NHL equivalent to the caterpillar Steve Harvey has growing under his nose.  It’s what we all aspire to grow on our faces.  MacLean doesn’t coach the Senators, his mustache does.

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