Greg Pak & Jae Lee Take On ‘Batman/Superman’

A new ongoing tells the definitive New 52 story about how the relationship between the Man of Steel and the Dark Knight began.

Andy Hunsakerby Andy Hunsaker

The Superman/Batman team-up book ran for quite a while before the New 52 came around, and now it's going to start up again this June as Batman/Superman, with writer Greg Pak (Incredible Hulks, X-Treme X-Men) coming to DC to tell the story of how the Man of Steel and the Dark Knight truly met, and how their relationship has developed in this brave new world.

"It is a real thrill," says Pak, "and it's particularly a thrill because we're being given some real leeway to do some really important storytelling with these characters. It really defines some great things and to depict some really key moments for them. We've been given the incredible opportunity to show these two icons meeting for the first time at this very early and raw stage in their careers. Neither one of them has ever heard of the other guy."

"What would your reaction be if you saw a guy running around in a bat costume in the dead of night attacking people for the first time?," Pak notes. "And what would your reaction be if you met an alien who could crush steel in his bare hands for the first time?" the writer says. "These guys are going to have very different immediate impressions of each other than we're used to seeing with these characters. There's an element of danger to the book that I think is very real and very exciting."

Also exciting is Jae Lee handling the art duties, whose dark and moody style is oft imitated and is a perfect fit for Batman stories. "The idea of Jae Lee drawing Batman is sort of a no-brainer," Pak agrees. "That makes total sense. (But) he's doing some cool new stuff and when you put these two characters together, they've got different palettes and environments."

Check out these initial illustrations from Jae Lee for this new ongoing series. This guy knows how to draw.