Filmmakers Talk Skyfall and the Future of James Bond

Daniel Craig's Bond isn't as 'good' as the others? Moneypenny graduating to the next M? And how could James Bond 24 begin?

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CraveOnline's sister site Coming Soon took an exciting trip to the United Kingdom recently, and brought home with them interviews with Skyfall screenwriters Neal Purvis and Robert Wade, James Bond producers Barbara Broccoli and Michael G. Wilson, and new series regular (we hope) Naomie Harris. Head on over to Coming Soon for their full coverage, but we've got some highlights for you right here…

"He's not as good as the other guy, but he's relentless and doesn't stop." ~ Screenwriter Neal Purvis on Craig's down-to-earth portrayal of James Bond, compared to slicker versions in the past.

"People have said, ‘we miss these characters,' we wanted to go with Casino Royale, have an absolutely clean slate and start over, and introduce them as necessary. The thought was to bring them back, but in a more up to date way." ~ Producer Michael G. Wilson on Skyfall's reintroduction of certain classic characters.

"We set out to make a good movie each time, some are better than others." ~ Barbara Broccoli on disappointing Bond installments like Moonraker and Die Another Day.

"The next one could theoretically start with Bond going into M's office, and M saying, ‘here's the mission' and he'll go off and do it. It could do that, because it's set up now to do that. Maybe it will, it'll be fun if it does." ~ Screenwriter Robert Wade, theorizing about how the ending of Skyfall could affect the next film in the franchise. 

"That's quite a huge role, with huge shoes to fill, and I feel intimidated at just the prospect of that, so for now I'm just happy playing Moneypenny, that's a big enough role for me." ~ Naomie Harris, on whether her character might one day graduate to "M" status.

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