Fantasy Baseball Prep: Miller Sidelined, Stanton Hit In Head During Spring Training

These fantasy studs could be injured. Now find out why you shouldn't freak out.

Josh Helmuthby Josh Helmuth

Oh, my God! Oh, my God!

The St. Louis Cardinals announced Wednesday that top pitching prospect Shelby Miller was being sidelined. He reported soreness after throwing on Monday.

Oh, no! Oh, no!

You need to understand that I own Shelby Miller in my high-priced dynasty league. So, I’m freaking the heck out over this bit of news seeping out Spring Training.

It is the same Shelby that is currently ranked No. 6 on Baseball America’s highly-regarded Top 100 Prospects. He is the same young man that many analysts are expecting to win the final rotation spot. The cheap arm that I’m hoping will be a mainstay in my own rotation for years to come.

So many questions with so little time. Can you imagine the hand wringing in deep league drafts tonight?

Is Trevor Rosenthal now the front-runner for that final spot?
Is Miller now starting in Triple-A?
Does this mean Miller will have arm problems going forward???

Oh, wait a minute. Cardinals’ Coach, Mike Matheny said, “We have all kinds of time. This isn’t a major issue as much as trying to get ahead of something that is more preventative.”

Okay, deep breath. It is fine. The Cardinals have plenty of time, plenty of arms and plenty of reasons to be preventative (see: Carpenter, Wainwright, etc).

But, you see the point though, right? It is easy to overreact early in Spring Training. A good fantasy player is watching the news out of Florida and Arizona to make sure they don’t draft an injured player (Carpenter). Or, someone who is losing a position battle (Danny Hultzen). Or, someone who doesn’t have a team (Brian Wilson and his beard).

Giancarlo Stanton got beaned in the head by Jose Fernandez and every single Marlins fan freaked out (okay, Jeffrey Loaria is pretty much all that is left of the fan base). Adrian Beltre is nursing a calf muscle and uber-geeks are tweaking their draft map. Matt Garza strained his lat muscle and we all wonder if his WHIP will increase.

It is easy to overreact. We’ve been deprived real baseball since the end of October. Keep an eye on the bigger picture. If the Cardinals are being preventative, it is because they believe in Shelby Miller. If you’re reading the story, then so are you. If you wanted to take him in the 20th round, don’t change because of a blurb.

Stanton will still approach 50 homers.
Beltre will start the season and play approximately 140 games.
Garza will exceed 180 strikeouts.
Miller will have a bright future.

Draft based on the long-term projections you set, not the whims of day to day. Spring will end soon. Summer and your line-ups will shine all the better for the level-head.

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