Exclusive: Ray Winstone Explains Darren Aronofsky’s Noah

Find out the Black Swan director's take on this new biblical epic, and why Winstone originally laughed at it.

Fred Topelby Fred Topel

We got to interview Ray Winstone by phone out of New York for his new film The Sweeney, and we’ll bring you the complete interview with Winstone next week. Towards the end of the interview we got to talking about his upcoming role as Tubal-cain in Noah, starring Russell Crowe as the biblical Noah, directed by Darren Aronofsky. As one might expect, Aronofsky isn’t just doing the straight Noah’s Ark story, and Winstone filled us in on some of the film’s perspective on Noah.

“The madness of Noah is a big thing, Winstone said. “How do you look at someone who says, ‘I want to save all the animals in the world but not the people?’ So it’s kind of a double edged sword really. It’s set in the days, it’s set back in the time but you get that kind of vibe that it’s all happened before, that humanity and civilization was there before as big as it is today. It’s got that kind of ring to it as well.”

Winstone admits he was a tough sell on the film, and it was only Aronofsky’s reputation that got him to reconsider. Aronofsky cowrote the script with John Logan and Ari Handel is also credited.

“When I first heard about it, I said, ‘Is it Noah’s Ark? We know what it’s about. Russell’s going to play Noah?’ And I was laughing. Then I read the script. I understood it was Darren Aronofsky who was going to direct it which made me sit up. Then I read the script and I went, ‘Oh yeah, hold on a minute. This is really, really good.’ His artwork is quite amazing on it as well.”

We also heard news yesterday about Universal’s plans for a Snow White and the Huntsman sequel. According to Universal chairman Adam Fogelson’s interview with The Hollywood reporter, they are still developing a sequel with Snow White. Previous reports were that they were focusing on The Huntsman without her. So we asked Winstone if he’s going to be in either sequel just to be thorough.

“With Snow White, I know they’re going to make another one but I haven’t heard anything yet.”

The Sweeney opens March 1 in theaters and on VOD. Check back with us for our Ray Winstone interview next week.

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