Mark Pellegrino Hunts ‘The Tomorrow People’

Pellegrino lands the main villain role in the CW’s upcoming revival of the British sci-fi series.

Blair Marnellby Blair Marnell

Last month, the CW ordered a pilot for “The Tomorrow People,” reviving the cult British TV series from 1973. Three of the main characters have since been cast, but now they have a very familiar villain to deal with.

Deadline is reporting that Mark Pellegrino has joined “The Tomorrow People” as Dr. Jedikiah Price; who is described as “an evolutionary biologist committed to containing the threat posed by the Tomorrow People, whom he believes to be a grave danger to the human race.”

The initial premise for “The Tomorrow People” is very similar to the X-Men as they both consist of young people from around the world who develop superpowers as part of the next stage of human evolution. However, the original incarnation of “The Tomorrow People” added more sci-fi elements that distinguished it from its comic book predecessor.

Pellegrino is widely known by genre fans for playing Jacob in “Lost,” Lucifer in “Supernatural” and Bishop on Syfy’s “Being Human.” Pellegrino has also appeared in “Dexter,” “The X-Files,” “ER,” “CSI,” “ER” and “NYPD Blue” among several other TV series.

Joining Pellegrino in “The Tomorrow People” are Robbie Amell as Stephen, Luke Mitchell as John Young and Peyton List as Cara. Early reports indicate that John’s powers will include teleportation, but the abilities of Stephen and Cara haven’t been fully revealed.

“The Tomorrow People” is expected to be among the top contenders to land a slot on the CW’s fall schedule. The CW will announce its new lineup in May.