SUITS 2.16 ‘War’

Harvey fights off the British invasion, Louis meets his match and Rachel learns the truth about Harvard and Mike.

Hilary Rothingby Hilary Rothing

Episode Title: "War"

Writer: Aaron Korsh

Director: John Scott

Previously on "Suits:"

Episode 2.15 "Normandy"


The "Suits" season two finale provided further confirmation that all the good stuff always goes down in the men’s room or the file room. The finale also may have broken a record for the number of British jokes in a single hour of television.

"Downton Abbey" "Harry Potter," Prince Charles, Benny Hill and Tiddlywinks were all brought up as Edward Darby and his second-in-command, Dana "Scottie" Scott (Abigail Spencer) continued their British invasion of Pearson… Pearson? Ever since Jessica (Gina Torres) had Hardman’s name ripped down, there’s been an awkward space where a new one needs to go. And Harvey wants his name there, badly.

But so does Scottie. And more precisely, she wants her name next to Harvey’s. By merging the two firms, she thinks they can both win, but Harvey (Gabriel Macht) isn’t willing to play ball with the British firm, especially after Scottie kept the merger plans from him. Instead, Harvey slaps Edward with three price fixing lawsuits and makes a wager with his potential future boss: if Harvey wins, the merger is off, if he loses, he’ll go along with it willingly. Edward agrees and the game is on.

And a game it is, as Edward parries the suit by freezing Harvey’s client’s assets. Harvey and Mike (Patrick J. Adams) come back by challenging the legality of the move, which Edward defends by citing British law. Mike then strikes a low blow by spoiling "Downton Abbey," for Edward and anyone else who hasn’t seen it.

The back and forth between Mike, Harvey, Scottie, Edward and Jessica is dizzying at times, but it all comes to a head in the head. After Donna (Sarah Rafferty) helps Scottie come to terms with her feelings for Harvey, she decides to give Mike the file Harvey needs to beat Edward, losing her job in the process. However, Jessica threatens to expose Mike to the D.A. if he doesn’t toss it. Harvey goes on one of his classic tirades against Mike in the men’s room, which is interrupted by Jessica and the ghost of Daniel Hardman. He may not be there anymore, but Hardman has burrowed deep into Harvey’s head. Harvey brings up what Hardman told him, that Jessica is afraid of him but she dismisses the notion and tells Harvey to keep his head down and earn his place, since his name will not be on the door anytime soon. Oh and Harvey fires Mike for the umpteenth time, but we all know that won't stick. And it doesn't as Jessica vetoes the move, right away.

There’s a lot of talk in this episode about leaving the firm – what with Harvey threatening to do so and Mike nearly forced out by both Jessica and Harvey. But we know there’s nowhere else for an ultra-competitive egomaniac like Harvey and a charlatan lawyer like Mike to go. And so does Jessica. Of course, it will be interesting to see what move Harvey makes next after congratulating Edward on his victory. Compliance isn’t Harvey’s style and it would do Edward good to recognize that if he plans to stick around.

The merger business is important to the future of the firm, but the real game changer in this episode is Mike admitting to Rachel that he too, did not get into Harvard. This leads to the two defiling the file room with the kind of Ivy League-reject sex Harvard Law certainly wouldn’t approve of.

And then there’s Louis (Rick Hoffman), who finds himself in a mud-slinging battle with his British counterpart, Nigel Nesbitt (see what they did there?), a cross between Mr. Bean and Prince Charles. After a few rounds of one-upmanship, Nigel admits he only wanted to befriend Louis. Problem is, there isn’t room for both of them post-merger. Nigel offers to keep Louis off his efficiency report if Louis does the same. Louis agrees but puts Nigel down anyway, as leaving him off would mean not doing his job. Louis tells Donna he suspects Nigel did the same, but she reveals that he kept his word, proving there really is only one Louis Litt. Still, we have to give credit to Louis for trying to spare Rachel, but ultimately telling her the painful truth.

Though it looks like the merger’s a go, the only thing we know for sure coming out of this finale is that Rachel knows about Mike. We’re left to wonder where Harvey will land if Jessica and Edward seal the deal. And what will become of Scottie, whom Harvey convinced Edward to hire back and who in turn, lets Harvey decide whether she’ll stay in London or move to New York. Will Donna ever stop wondering why everyone asks her if she’s in love with Harvey and finally admit it? And how will Nigel afford his globe-hopping mud treatments if Louis gets him fired?

The finale may leave us with more questions than answers but that’s what finales are supposed to do. The biggest question is do we care enough to come back for the answers next summer? Has Louis Litt "taken mud in more places than your snooty little mind can imagine?" You bet.  


SUITS 2.16 ‘War’