The Book Report Podcast #130: Lamont, You Dummy!

Who knows what evil lurks in the hearts of men? Lamont don't, 'cuz he's a dummy! Let's talk comics!

Andy Hunsakerby Andy Hunsaker

Ladies and gentlemen, fly girls and fly guys, my name is Andy Hunsaker, Comics Channel Editor for Crave Online, and I'm here with The Monkey in the Wrench Iann Robinson to bring you the 130th episode of The Book Report, the comic book podcast that can't help but detour into pro wrestling discussions lately. Bear with us for the first chunk of this show – we do talk about comics, I swear!

What comics, you ask? Well, we discuss the shifting creative teams on Green Lantern books, the new Batman/Superman series, and the rumors of an Avengers vs. Ultimates Marvel event and what that might mean for Ultimate Comics.  Also, the books of the week – Savage Wolverine, Indestructible Hulk, Thor: God of Thunder, Saga, Happy!, The Shadow: Year One, Daredevil, Justice League of America, Deadpool, Morbius: The Living Vampire, Captain America, Batwoman, Alpha, Superior Spider-Man, Vibe, The Wrath of the First Lantern and so on!

Here's The MP3!

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And thanks to My Special Agent for allowing us to use their Hulk song "Anger/Danger" as our opening theme.