The Trailer Hitch #23: Horrid Henry: The Movie

[Video]: Bibbs and Witney snort a pixie stick and riff on a terrifying new kiddie flick from the U.K.

William Bibbianiby William Bibbiani

Have you taken your Ritalin today? You're going to need it after watching the trailer for Horrid Henry: The Movie, the latest cinematic crime we're giving the Trailer Hitch treatment right here at CraveOnline. If the trailer is any indication, it's a hyperkinetic celebration of antisocial child behavior, based on a book series by Francesca Simon that, for all we know, is a lot better than this movie looks. William "Bibbs" Bibbiani and Professor Witney Seibold of The B-Movies Podcast haven't read them, and after suffering through this preview, they don't want to. 

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