Welcome to the New CraveOnline!

Hey, this looks a little different... Actually, it's a lot different! We walk you through the new CraveOnline!

Jason Kobelyby Jason Kobely

Hey, everybody…glad you found the place.  Oh sure, it’s the same old address, but what you’re looking at is definitely more than just a fresh coat of paint or a patched-up roof on the same old house.

In fact, at first glance — as you're driving past on the street — a lot of you might not even recognize this new structure as the trusty CraveOnline you last visited.

Well, go ahead and park the car — welcome to the newly-redesigned CraveOnline.  And let me assure you, we’re still the same old us –- there's just a whole lot more happening inside these brand new walls.

Crave's always been about keeping you ahead of the curve on what's cool — or about to be cool — in movies, TV, comics, sports, gaming, life & style — really, everything you need to know. 

But do you know what everyone is reading about, talking about and engaging their friends about right this minute?  To stay on top of that constantly shifting wave, you'll want to check out our new Most Craved feature. You'll find it on the home page, plus on the right edge of every section and article page on the site.  Oh look, there it is on the right of your screen right now…

Most Craved shows you the hottest trending topics here at CraveOnline — and we're not just guessing, either!  Our tech gurus huddled together in the back office for weeks, then came back with a super-top secret algorithm (at least, super-top secret enough that the rest of us don't get it) that actually ranks what everyone across the entire Crave network of affiliated websites care about.

And can users of nearly 100 websites be wrong?

Most CravedAnd it's not just page views we're monitored…no, we're also tracking social interaction as well.  We're following how often you, your friends and everyone you know are posting to Facebook about one of our articles.  Or how often it's getting some Twitter love.  Or maybe you're even finding a way to Vine about Crave.  We take all that into account to determine what's Most Craved — and it's all so you can walk into work or class or Wing Night with the guys and KNOW what everybody's talking about.

So, I said the changes were more than a fresh coat of paint — but yes, we've done that too. We brightened up the new CraveOnline to offer you a much cleaner, crisper experience.  Gone are the dark-colored backgrounds and gray-scale.  Hopefully, you'll appreciate the more streamlined presentation.

However, the new CraveOnline is just a starting point, not a final destination.  In the coming weeks, look for some dynamic new coverage around all the hottest new releases.  And we're getting set to unveil some killer new interactive features that'll help bring you our news, reviews, interviews and all-encompassing coverage in a whole new way.

And as always, CraveOnline is your place to see some of the coolest event coverage going on at all the places you want to be.  We're just two weeks from the start of the South By Southwest Festival down in Austin — and you're not going to believe some of the plans we've got up our sleeves.  Interviews and performances that'll put you right in the heart of Texas for all the coolest moments.

But if you're a fan of what matters most — the beating heart that is CraveOnline — that's still in the same warm fuzzy place its always been.  William Bibbiani is still skewering Hollywood and doggedly chasing down everything happening in the world of film.  Johnny Firecloud is still introducing you to the latest bands ready to explode.  And Andy Hunsaker still hates Hal Jordan.  The CraveOnline team of writers and editors remain on the beat, ever vigilant for what you need to know.

The doors are open…the lights are on…we're ready to serve you 24, 7.  C'mon in.  Have a look around.  And if you stumble across some debris from the grand renovation, pardon the mess.  We're good…but we never said we were perfect.  

Hope you like what you see…and if you do (or even if you don't), shoot me an email and tell me about it.  We're here for you, after all.

Jason Kobely
Executive Editor