Syfy Sets Return Date For ‘Warehouse 13’ Season 4

New episodes are coming in April, but will this be the end of the series?

Blair Marnellby Blair Marnell

Just over one year ago, Syfy bumped up the “Warehouse 13” Season 4 order to 20 episodes, allowing the network to split the season and put off a decision about renewing the series for a fifth season. Now that the second half of the fourth season has nearly arrived, the future of “Warehouse 13” is still uncertain.

Earlier today, Syfy announced that “Warehouse 13” will return on Monday April 29 at 10pm for the first of the ten remaining episodes of the fourth season.

The good news is that “Warehouse 13” will be paired with “Defiance” as a lead in; which will hopefully draw in more viewers. The bad news is that “Warehouse 13” will be pitted against new episodes of “Revolution” on NBC; which has proven to be a big hit this season and it may cut into “Warehouse 13’s” audience.

The worst case scenario is if “Defiance” tanks right out of the gate and it takes “Warehouse 13” down with it. There’s still no word on if “Warehouse 13” will be renewed, but if a decision hasn’t already been made then a potential fifth season wouldn’t be likely to come back until 2014.

The midseason premiere of “Warehouse 13” will pick up where the cliffhanger left off, as Artie (Saul Rubinek) lay dying after his evil persona unleashed a deadly illness upon the world. That episode will also introduce Polly Walker’s new recurring character, Charlotte Dupres; a historian who seems to know far more about the Warehouse than she should.