Shelf Space News: Mad Max Blu-Ray Trilogy Announced

The Road Warrior gets a new title (!) and Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome makes its high definition debut on June 4.

Fred Topelby Fred Topel

This might actually be a good way to help me figure out Shelf Space. Two Blu-rays enter, only one Blu-ray stays on the shelf.

On Monday, Warner Home Video announced the Blu-ray release of the Mad Max Trilogy June 4. This is less significant as a classic movie release, since the first two films have been available on Blu-ray and any serious collector has them. However, and this should not be understated, this is the Blu-ray premiere of Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome.

The first two Mad Max films are beloved for many reasons. They made Mel Gibson a star. Director George Miller revolutionized the way car chases were filmed. They ushered in the prolific genre of post-apocalyptic knock-offs.

I’m Franchise Fred though. Even if the first two were classics, I acknowledge that they made a third one. Although the continuing story of road warrior Max got complicated and convoluted by a gang of kids and Tina Turner’s Aunty Entity, its Thunderdome battle is worth owning alone. It’s also just plain fun saying “Thunderdome.” [Editor's Note: Geez, Fred… again with the Thunderdome? Can't you get beyond Thunderdome?]

Bonus features were not mentioned but let’s hope they include a preview of Mad Max: Fury Road, which will still be a year away when this box set is released. Also interesting is that the sequel is being called "Mad Max Road Warrior" in the Blu-ray set. Mad Max II was titled The Road Warrior for American release, so this is some happy medium.

Previous releases already corrected the dubbing issue, so we can assume we’ll still hear Gibson’s original Australian accent in Mad Max. Perhaps they’ll throw on the bad American dub as a novelty. It is film history so it should be preserved. In 1979 distributors thought a dubbed American voice would go over better than a real Australian one.

The Mad Max Trilogy will also help you alphabetize your shelf, since you’ll no longer have to put The Road Warrior in the R section. They’ll all fit nicely on the M shelf. 

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