Uncharted 3 Multiplayer Is Now Free to Play

You can now play multiplayer for the price of nada.

Erik Norrisby Erik Norris

As of today, you can play Uncharted 3’s multiplayer component for free. Naughty Dog has been teasing something special for Uncharted 3’s multiplayer suite for a few months now, and today over on the PS Blog they finally let the cat out of the bag.

If you head to the PlayStation Store now, you’ll be able to download the Uncharted 3 F2P client for free (obviously). This will grant you access to the multiplayer portion of the title up through level 15. Once you reach that cap, you’ll have three options: either a) you can remain at that level cap and continue playing for free, b) you can take part in the game’s microtransaction system to buy new character skins, weapons and modes for various tiered prices, or c) you can pick up the full Uncharted 3 game (conveniently the Game of the Year edition is now only $39.99, which collects a bunch of bonus content) to unlock everything, including the game’s solid single player campaign.

In addition, all longtime Uncharted 3 players will be granted special in-game awards for being loyal players of the game, stuff like a Naughty Dog paw on your rank icon and an in-game Naughty Dog t-shirt for your custom character. Lastly, Naughty Dog is planning 40 additional DLC drops over the coming months for Uncharted 3. More information on those is to follow.

The PlayStation Blog has the full rundown on everything you need to know about Uncharted 3 going free to play and the bonuses faithful players will unlock. So head over there to get the full skinny. 

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