TMNT Fights Back Against Michael Bay

April O'Neil is a red head dang nabbit! is there no hope for the new TMNT? Even the turtles (not aliens) themselves are speaking up and out!

Sam Proofby Sam Proof


The internet has been a hot bed of "Oh no he didn't" when announcement's of Megan Fox taking on the Role of TMNT's April O'Neil spread like melting cheese on a supreme pizza. 

The fan outcry has been really loud, especially this guy:




But nothing has been as vocal an out cry as the actual Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles themselves fighting back against Megan Fox and Michael Bay himself.


Ninja Turtles Interrogate Megan Fox 


Agrressive comics takes a stance against the impending reverse childhood trama the new Michael Bay franchise is sure to set in motion. 


Want more outcry ranting fan videos? 

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So what do you think?

Who should be cast as April O'neil?

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